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Seeking Novel Readers

Hey all,

I'm almost finished revising my latest novels and I'm looking for a couple of readers. Hopefully they could comment on the plot and pacing. No need for an intense beta or anything like that. Shoot me an email at

Title: Adieu Warm Sunshine

Premise: In New York City, a local spy and a Broadway dancer have a one night stand. The next day, the dancer vanishes. The spy investigates.

Xena/Gabrielle Uber-ish.

Warnings for drug use and dark themes.
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BoP - Helena/Dinah TV

FIC: Tree of Knowledge (Person of Interest) Root/Shaw (1/1)

Title: Tree of Knowledge
Author: Rysler
Date: April 5, 2015
Canon: Person of Interest
Pairing: Root/Zoe Morgan, Root/Sameen Shaw
Spoilers. Through 4x18, which has some very interesting production notes.
Summary: Zoe's been getting texts from Thornhill.
Note: Root always ends up crying by the end of my fics.
Note: This is srsfic, but also kind of also inspired by Why Isn't There More Fucking On This Island?.

Zoe was unsure of what to do next.
Rizzoli and Isles

FIC: Sail to Apollo (Person of Interest, Root/Shaw) Pirates! 1/11

Title: Sail to Apollo 1/11
Author: Rysler
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Root/Shaw
AU: 1600s pirates. Yar! (no one says “Yar!”)
Summary: Shaw is a pirate captain. Root is a crazy witch. Surprise.
Note: This story deals with Gnosticism, Christianity, and Alchemy. Not always in a flattering light. This is entirely Root's fault, but be forewarned.

Over at AO3
Otalia - Hot Hugging Action

FIC: Highly Unlikely (Guiding Light)

Title: Highly Unlikely
Author: rysler
Date: Cinco de Mayo!
Fandom: Guiding Light, Otalia
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Just another origin story. Some missing scenes from late 2008 to mid 2009, some deviations, some courtship, some hurt/comfort, lots of Rafe and Olivia. Namely, Rafe does not go to prison until after Olivia's fall relapse and Natalia's promotion.
Notes: 4000 words

All credit goes to my darling Jaina for this one. But read it anyway. Be brave!

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Rizzoli and Isles

FIC: Things in Common (Guiding Light)

Title: Things in Common
Author: rysler
Date: March 6, 2011
Source: Guiding Light
Rating: PG-13/R
Pairings: Multiple/Threesomes/Moresomes (lesbian)
Warning: While incest is not intended to be present in this story, many of these women are related to each other, so be forewarned of the underlying ick factor. Also, canon is not really the point of this, though, I did try.
Summary: Reva has the Women of Springfield over for an orgy--er, a meeting.

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